Power of Personality Packed Branding: How to Build a Strong Brand To Connect with Your Audience

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All right y’all. Today’s is a little bit more relaxed because it’s something I’m very passionate about, so I don’t wanna put any kind of restraints or outline to this podcast. So I’m sorry if I kind of go on little tangents, but I am super passionate about this, so I have lots to say. So If you know my brand, if you’ve. Kind of combed through the website you will see messaging such as personality packed design or personality packed brands, and I think that this is crucial to helping you stand out in the wedding industry. As we all know, the wedding industry seems to be ever growing, and I think that because of that, it’s very important that you find a way to make yourself stand out and differentiate yourself and build a connection, a personal attachment, I guess you can say to your potential clients so that they can really get to know you and feel comfortable with booking with you. There’s going to be a lot of factors that play into booking with someone, but I think one of the final kind of cherry on top for somebody to pull the trigger in booking with you is really about how you make them feel, how that personality stands out, how you are connecting with them. So today I’m gonna run through and share kind of my approach, my philosophy to brand personality and what it is, how to incorporate it into your brand, and just spending a little bit of time on getting to understand what brand personality is. I’ll even share some of my past examples on how I did this. So yeah, let’s dive right into it.

quote | Power of Personality Packed Branding: How to Build a Strong Brand To Connect with Your Audience | Lenya Creative
how personality packed branding impacts your brand

The wedding industry is ever growing, so it’s important that you find a way to make yourself stand out and differentiate yourself & build a connection.

What is Personality Packed Brand Design

So the first thing that I wanna dive into on what personality packed design really is and how it can make you stand out in the wedding industry is actually talk about what the heck brand personality or personality packed design really means, right? So it goes beyond. Creating good aesthetics, but rather it encompasses your overall brand experience and your, client experience, how you communicate, what visuals are associated with your brand. But all of that needs to tie into who you are, what you’re passionate about, and then tying that in to what your ideal clients are wanting, right? And so brand personality is really building that gap between what makes you unique and cool and. You know, makes people want to know more about you and meshing it with your ideal client and what they are desiring what they want. Right? And so brand personality is really trying to figure out how to attract honestly raving fans. Like people who come to you and instantly feel connected. Right? packed design is really about getting to express yourself in a way that feels authentic to you, that will attract people who either see themselves in you, who respect that about you. And I think that as. Wedding industry professionals. If you are not wanting to have a disconnect from your clients, so you know you’re not wanting to build an agency, you’re not wanting to have this big team under you where you’re not interacting with your client at all, then you’re going to realize that being yourself and being at a forefront of your brand is really going to impact the clients who want to work with you. And what I mean by that is in this world of social media and you know, influencers and you know, these celebrities who feel so far away from us being vulnerable or being accessible on social media. People want to feel connected to who they are investing in.

Personality packed branding helps you connect to the person on the other side of the screen before they ever reach out to you

And so when someone, especially is putting down thousands of dollars and they’re in this emotional state, right? Because planning a wedding is. Super emotional, right? You will want to make sure that you are connecting to them as a person. And a good way to do that is through empathy, through showing that you’re a human and that you, um, are really wanting to be there for them. Connecting with them more than just the work that you are putting in. I love being a part of my client’s journeys and really building relationships and authentic relationships with them and you can do that through personality packed design and going a step further, Before they even get to maybe all of that interaction, right? Maybe they are just landing on your website for the first time. They are able to instantly connect with you. I had one of my past clients, who has a very personality packed, brand who really showcases, you know, her passions and kind of What inspires her work, what you know, motivates her, all those kinds of things on her website. She literally messaged me the other day, just like honestly, shortly after launching her website and said she got an inquiry and the very first thing they said when they got on their phone call was that she felt super connected to her already because she knew what she was getting into. Due to her website, right after exploring her website and taking a look around or on her Instagram and the stories that she’s posting, she knew exactly who she was gonna get on that phone call, right? So when they wrapped up their phone call, the very first thing she said was, I enjoyed that so much I, you were exactly who I was, you know, thinking you were when we got on that call. And that was solely because of the website that they. That we were able to craft together. That person’s probably a raving fan. They’re gonna come back, they’re gonna tell all their friends about you, and they’re going to want to shout from the rooftop that this is my photographer. This is my planner, like, making an experience and making them feel seen and making them connect to you in some sort of way is really going to help drive conversions because then they tell a friend and then they tell a friend, and the friend tells a friend and the list goes on, right?

Personality packed branding also helps you attract ideal clients that you enjoy working with

So beyond just that, you then start attracting more ideal clients. And when we are doing personality packed brands through linear creative, we’re focusing not on just your personality, but also the business’s personality and what you want your business to, you know, embody. And then also, What your ideal clients need to hear, or what your ideal clients do and what they are wanting, right? And so we’re going to fuse all of these together in order to create a stronger brand foundation to where you are then attracting and booking and doing things that you never thought were fucking possible because it’s so clear on who you are, where you wanna go, what your client is doing, what they’re wanting, and how you meet that need.

Why is Personality Packed Branding so important for your business and converting more leads?

And so why your brand personality and having a strong brand is super important for booking More clients kind of ties into that where you are attracting clients that you wanna book, so you’re booking those clients and you’re excited about it. Your name is being spread everywhere, right? Because people love you. They feel connected to you. They were super excited to work with you. You feel like a friend. So they’re gonna tell everyone they know about you, right? So like after they booked, they had a great experience with you, you were personable, you, you know, kept in touch, you treated them the way that you were wanting your clients to feel, right?

And so when you have this memorable brand that really connects with people, you are going to be at the forefront of their brain. So imagine a TikTok blows up or a real blows up, and you have a very strong brand personality, and it’s very clear on maybe your style or your website or you know how you were communicating in that reel. They go to your page, they go binging through all of your stuff because they were like, oh my gosh, she totally got me and she was so cool, blah, blah, blah. Then they go to your website and then they go exploring there, right? They followed you. They’re following your journey. Your things are starting to stick out, and maybe they aren’t even dating yet. But two, three years down the road, you made such a memorable impact or you made such a unique perspective for them to look at that. They, when they do finally think about photography or planning or whatever, they are going to be like, oh yeah, I remember that there was this person that, you know, Did these things, what was their name again? They’ll find you and then they’ll book you. Right? So you might be attracting clients 2, 3, 4, 10 years down the road because of your strong personality and unique perspective that you are allowing yourself to, embody your business with. Right?

Examples of how I’ve used personality packed branding in past client projects

So I live for personality packed brand designs. Like I’m not joking you guys, when my clients come to me and say, I want something super personable to me, I love this. I’m influenced by this. I want. You know these things to be, you know, pulled through In my brand design, my heart explodes. It gets me so excited, and when I look back at my past projects, they all have such a strong personality and I’m honestly obsessed. With all of them. They all have such unique perspectives or influences that really drive home what makes them unique. And so really that’s like my bread and butter is taking these things that don’t seem to work well together. I, from a personal perspective, I am very feminine and masculine and so those things don’t feel like they would go together, but finding that equilibrium that works in a brand is what I live for and what I try to help my clients find that medium ground. So let me just dive into, I’m gonna talk about, uh, Just three or four of these. I’m gonna try to do it quickly, but you know, we’ll see if I, I can do that or not because I rave about these things.

Earth To Madison Photography – Concert & Wedding Photographer

ETM | Power of Personality Packed Branding: How to Build a Strong Brand To Connect with Your Audience | Lenya Creative

The first one is Earth to Madison Photography. So she came to me with a brand that she was just not feeling connected to. She got it professionally done before and it just wasn’t. Unique. She was like, I do things so differently and it’s not matching what I, what I do. And so her big thing is that she does concerts and weddings and so one of the big things about her brand is that she wanted to mesh those together. And this honestly has allowed her to book more clients that feel that like she’s had about like three or four concert specific bookings that she has been inquired for. To do like receptions at a concert or, uh, they are going to a concert and then doing their wedding, right? Like they felt so connected with this person who loves concerts. And so how we implemented that into her brand and into her website is using more. Kind of this middle ground between like edge and weddings, right? Because her music style is also a little bit more on the edgier side. And then throughout her entire website there’s things like meet and greet for the About page, right? Or um, For her albums, calling them, like her wedding galleries, calling them albums. She’s also got, for the pricing and info, she has named as ticketing or for the blog she has as articles. Right? Because when, you know, concerts are published, it’s articles. She really focuses on unconventional weddings. She wants the people who, you know, do things a little bit differently, get booked as her contact page. Instead of love letters she has fan mail. She, the way she talks is, Using words with dope and Let’s rock and you know, just kind of those edgier, communication styles, which really allows her to connect with the person that maybe isn’t like a helpless romantic and everything is so bright rainbows and butterflies, right? So those kind of people who aren’t. You know, in love with that kind of stuff can still feel really connected to a photographer. Right? And she’s going to stand out among the people who are more on the like rainbows and butterflies spectrum, right?

And so when we wrapped up Madison’s project, this is something she said about our design, she said, the emphasis on highlighting the unique aspects of a brand, not just creating something pretty. Is really what made Lenya creative stand out. It really shows that Rebel cares about creating a brand that is a true representation of the business it’s made for.

 At the end of our project together, she even told me how she had booked these people who were wanting to take to concerts and she’s visibly seen this kind of shift in the type of clients that she’s working with because she’s found this clarity in what makes her unique and really honing in on that, on her branding, her websites, and all of that fun stuff. Okay, that’s enough of Madison.

Check out the full case study about our project together here.

KPT Event Planning – Wedding Planner

kpt event planning portfolio brand and website design | Power of Personality Packed Branding: How to Build a Strong Brand To Connect with Your Audience | Lenya Creative

Next is KPT event planning. And Kristen came to me and, you know, she, we had like a blank slate with Kristen. She had been in the business for a while, but she’s never really put any, work or thoughts into her brand & web. And so we. Kind of dug into what makes her unique when she’s working with clients. Why is she so good at it? Like what is she very passionate about? And she used to be a teacher, and so inside of her brand, We talked about, the support she has for teachers. So she does a bit of advocating for teachers. So some of her proceeds from her weddings actually goes to buying school supplies for teachers. And so this really helps the, you know, people who know I like somebody who is Type A, who understands how to navigate. Maybe they were ex teachers, they’re really gonna connect with it. She’s able to showcase her ability to, or why the teaching realm really influenced her style of wedding planning. And that like hurding children can help her really herd the chaos of a wedding day. And we implemented a clipboard into her brand design. And that was mainly because one, she. Uses a clipboard when she is actually running a wedding day. But secondly, because you know, clipboards are typically associated with teachers, and so it’s kind of like that tie in and it just allowed her to be very passionate about putting her brand and her information out there because now she feels confident that it represents her and she has a clearer understanding. So some of the things we did on her website were things like instead of love letters or client testimonials, we have things like teacher appreciation. We had dedicated section about why her teaching has influenced the way that she plans weddings and runs weddings. We had verbiage that was, you know, using lesson plans and resources and binders. Like the blog is, like looking for going through the checklists and templates and worksheets, right? Like all of these are tied into teaching and it just gives us fun. Um, perspective that people are like, oh yeah, that’s so fun. I feel connected to her. Maybe they weren’t teachers, but they can appreciate that that’s the work that she’s done. We used verbiage like Meet the Girl Behind the Clipboard. Right. Like rather than just meet the team, right? Something else that can give a little bit personality and allow people to feel just a little bit more connected. We had a whole section strategically on the impact from inside and outside of the classroom. Just some really fun ways to implement personality. And that has really influenced the type of clients that she’s been booking.

And something that Kristen said when we wrapped up our package together is that she said, my brand finally feels like me. You did the most amazing job taking all of my gibberish and randomness and turning it into words, and really realizing and finding the heart behind why I do what I do.

That through my approach, through this personality packed approach. It allows me to help you drive that passion, that heart, that purpose out of you and into what you’re doing.

Check out the full case study about our project together here.

Courtney Stannard Photography – Wedding & Fine Art Photographer

Okay. And then the third person and project that I wanna talk to you guys about is Courtney Stannard Photography. And Courtney and I really hit it off on our first discovery call together, we really got along well and mesh well and really understood kind of the vision from the beginning, honestly. You know when you have that kind of call that it’s gonna be a good project, and it definitely was. It was super unique and different. I remember on our first call she said things about how her style of art is very different than the typical wedding photographer and how she is really inspired by the she called it weird art. Kind of like gothic and kind of dark and moody. So she’s inspired by that kind of art, but she also really loves to do weddings and, you know, bring to life a love story. And so when we were creating her brand and her website, I really wanted to bring in the vintage frames. She said that she actually was a art history major and she loved like fine art. She also mentioned that she liked to have her photos in art galleries and she likes to go to art galleries and all of those kinds of things. And so we brought in a vintage frame and kind of made things centered around very like art. One of the things is like we would use verbiage like wedding gallery exhibit, right? And then it was like a hall of frames, right? And that’s representing the different client galleries. And then we also did. Social media extension pack, and we used things again like exhibits or we did like fire testimonials because we used smoke in kind of this like gothic, kind of like moody vibe. And then we did upcoming events. So that people can actually see, you know, her art in person or go to her galleries that she likes to go to. And so it was really fun to really push myself a little bit in this project as well.

And something that Courtney said and her testimonial as we wrapped up, she said,

It’s my whole vibe. It’s dark and moody, but it’s cohesive and readable. The craziest part about it is that I’ve never seen it before. Even other websites and photographers that were my inspiration, the design elements and pieces of my brand that Rebel came up with are so unique to me, and I fucking love that. Literally what’s not to love. There are pieces of my interests, my beliefs. My loves and hobbies and Rebel took them and made my website cohesive and beautiful. I’m getting my masters in art history, and without even saying this, she took the idea of vintage gold frames and historic paintings and use them as framing on my website for galleries. The wording in templates and on my website scream, find art and include my interests and involvement in art galleries and shows.

How you can add some personality into your brand right now

And so I tell you about all of these different brands that we’ve created. It’s some of my favorite ones to tell you that a part of my approach to brand design is taking your passions, taking your inspiration, and crafting that, infusing that, with your ideal client in order to make someone feel connected and be like, wow, they put in a lot of time and effort into this they’re gonna put a lot of time and effort into me. And so to wrap this episode up, I wanna give you three quick tips on how you can incorporate brand personality into your own brand right now without even hiring a designer.

1. Personalize your client interactions

So the first is to personalize client interactions. So address customers by name, respond their inquiries, you know, promptly and genuinely, and with your own personality on how you may talk to somebody in your brand voice or you know, whichever way you want your brand to be presented as, be active on social media. And most importantly, just be yourself. Don’t be afraid to, you know, let your quirks kind of show if you are not a polished and professional type of communicator or person and you don’t want that to be how your brand is represented, don’t pretend to be. People Appreciate our quirks and um, you know, if we’re witty, use it. Go find those things and those phrases that you say that make you different and unique and use that in your messaging.

2. Share what you’re passionate about

And the second thing is don’t be afraid to share more about what you’re passionate about because people connect to that. People will want to. Have that common interest with you when moving forward? Like if you like to travel, share it, whether it’s work related or not work related. If you’re a foodie, share it. Start to discover things that make you different and start to look at how you can allow that to influence the type of business that you’re running or what you are saying or how you are communicating to people.

3. Send branded client gifts

And then the last thing, super actionable. Send a client gift after working with you or before the big day. Send a client gift of things that are authentic to your brand and that give the same kind of message that you want. So for me, I am very, like go-getter type of person. And so a lot of my clients are go-getter type of people as well. So I like to include my be fearless phrase that I love in combination with, let’s say like a journal, because I want to influence them to, you know, continue to write and like take your business notes there and keep going and dream big, right? All of those are within my brand, and so I use that in the client gift.

Wanna work together?

So if you are like, I want a very personalized brand, I want these passions and this kind of bridge between my passion influences and my client experience, then I would love to work with you. You can check out my services page to see all the ways we can work together. Or you can fill out a free website audit below and get quick tips to update your site.

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