The full breakdown of our brand and web design in a week service – The Lion Sprint Package

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Imagine a world where you were proud of the way that your business was represented online. Imagine a world where you don’t have to wait 6, 8, 10 to even 12 weeks just to get a brand new website done for your business when you just want something that looks good. Imagine a world where you’re no longer overwhelmed trying to diy your entire website and fix all the tiny little details. Pulling out your hair, trying to figure out what kind of content you need, making sure everything looks good and is working properly. Well, I got you a friend. In comes the Lion Sprint brand new website package, and that’s what this podcast episode is going to be all about. We’re gonna jump into the deliverables, the process, and some things that you might want to keep in mind when considering this package.

So let’s get into it.

Everything you need to know about our signature brand and web design in a week service called The Lion Sprint Package

So as I said, today we are diving into my signature brand and website in a week package called the Lion Sprint package, and I really wanted to dedicate a whole post to this package because I really want you to understand a little bit about the package and if it’s right for you and kind of what you’re getting and how we’re really able to do a full brand and website and just one week. So we’re gonna touch on all of that in the episode.

The brand and website in a week deliverable breakdown

So the brand and website in a week lion Sprint package is essentially just a combination of a brand and a day service, and the website and a day service, and so it’s just what it sounds like you’ll get a brand done in a day and a website done in a day.

1. The creative direction

The creative direction is necessary for any design project that you do, especially with us, the creative direction is very important to know where we’re gonna go. And it’s the thing that allows us to nail down the brand and the website in just one day, and with minimal feedback, which you’ll see later that you don’t get much time for feedback and you don’t have many rounds of revisions. But because of the creative direction portion of the package, we are able to make sure that we deliver what you want. Within the creative direction, we will really dive into a questionnaire that asks very specific questions based off of your creative look, your vibe, your desired look that you want to go forward with. So it’s very important that you have a little bit of an understanding of what kind of visuals you want for your business. And then from there we’ll actually have a 60 minute creative direction workshop. And inside of there we talk about the nitty gritty you’ll want to provide a Pinterest board. We’ll talk through why you chose certain things, kind of what your thought process was, and then I’ll kind of help you curate that Pinterest board down into a very specific direction.

2. The brand design in a day

So the next deliverable after creative direction is Brand Design In A day, and it’s just what it sounds like. We’ll go through a whole day intensive of building out a brand for you. So that will look like multiple logo variations. So typically we’ll get about three logos – your primary, secondary, and a favicon because we’re gonna need that for a website. Basically the logos that are essential for having a website design. And then I’ll curate a color palette, I’ll curate some fonts into a typography suite and make sure that you have the correct hierarchy for the website. Again, very essential for website design. Not just one font that goes, you know, everywhere on your website, you want to have different variations in that. We will get as much done in our, I think it’s six hour day design as possible. No, it’s eight hours, your eight hour design day as we possibly can. With that, you have, obviously, you’re gonna get logos, you’re gonna get color palette, you’re gonna get typography, but then outside of that, you have options of choosing kind of what your priorities are on, if you want like a super custom logo. We can really focus our time into a super custom logo, or if you want curated like icons and illustrations and patterns and, you know, collateral items, you can kind of choose what you desire most what you would like me to focus on or prioritize after that? You know, foundational logo, color, and typography is complete. We kind of have flexibility on what other brand elements, brand assets, we’re gonna be able to bring that.

3. The Website Design In A Day

Our third deliverable is the website in the day. So you’re gonna get five custom tailored pages built on, either show it or WordPress with Elementor. They’re gonna be mobile optimized, this is a semi custom website design. I’m going to be able to install the Google Analytics code and then you’ll also get 14 day tech support. So this would include things like making sure that everything, there’s not any typography that’s like overlapping or, making sure that the mobile version looks friendly and all the buttons are working and, some of those troubleshooting things. Not oh, I don’t actually like that design. Can we change that design? That’s not what the 14 day tech support includes. So that’s the website of the day. We also have copywriting and content collection guides and templates to help you curate your copywriting and the content that’s actually gonna go on the website. On there, you have prompts, you have examples, you have things to help you kind of do that cop writing. It’s not just like, here’s an open page, write your little heart out. We kind of guide you through because I know that that can be very overwhelming.

And then, The last thing to note on the deliverables is that both of those days, your brand design and your website design days have two hours of revisions rather than two rounds of revisions or, four rounds of revisions. I’ll touch on that later when I talk about the process because. It’ll kind of make more sense there, but that is the deliverables portion of the Lion Sprint package.

Semi-custom brand and website design in a week process breakdown

The next thing I wanna talk about is the process, and there’s five steps, and I think this is the most intriguing part or the part that you guys are probably most That you’re most curious about because we don’t, you know, have the process lined completely out on our website. You can use the link in the show notes that will take you to a proposal for the Lion Sprint package inside of my Dubsado account. And that does have, some written out details about the process in more in depth and in words so that you can read it if you’re more of a reader. So I’ll have that linked in the show notes. But I also wanna walk you through it in this podcast because I love this process. I think it’s really cool and really fun. And you get an inside look. So five steps.

Phase One : Prep Work

The first one is the prep work. So you’re gonna get booked, obviously you’re gonna fill out that proposal which you can do in the show notes if you’re like, oh my gosh, this sounds like me. You can do that in their show notes. But you know, we could also get on a discovery call, have a quick little chat and then I can send you over a custom proposal. But these steps are essentially the same. You’ll get a proposal, you’ll pick your date, you’ll accept it, you sign the contract and you pay that first deposit. And with the Lion’s print package, we do offer four month payment plans. So that will automatically like be calculated and there are some add-ons that you can do. So you’ll pick all of the items that you want to include. So for instance, if you want to build it on a Squarespace, or if you want to do it on Wix or whatever your preferred builder is that is an add-on that I have on there. There’s also, if you wanna add a blog to it, that’s an add-on. It’s not included in the original package, so it’s just an add-on and you, you pick all of those things. Then you’ll receive a welcome guide from me with your projects important information, all of the relevant links you’ll have your creative direction, you’ll have your content guide. All of those things will come to you in a welcome guide. It will be your go-to resource for all of your project information. I’ll send you like a quick little overview, how to navigate everything and what it’s all for. And so you’ll do that. And then on the welcome guide, you’ll have the important links.

1. Prep work item number 1 : Detailed Questionnaire

Then you’re gonna want to fill out the creative direction questionnaire that I briefly mentioned above, and that just really means that you’re gonna fill out this short questionnaire. Actually, I won’t lie to you. It’s not the shortest, but it’s not like super long by any means. And I really want you to take the time to fill out the questionnaire so that you can really understand what vision you want for your project, but also so that I really understand because it’s very vital and very important in order to design your brand in a day and your website in a day, right? I have to know where we’re going, so it’s really important that you take the time on that.

2. Prep work item number 2 : Pinterest Inspiration Board

Also as prep work, you’ll want to make sure that you create a Pinterest board. You’ll want to include all the things like messaging, colors, fonts websites that you like, imagery, like any kind of images that you think really resonate with your brand and like the whole “vibes” right. Pin anything and everything and during our workshop we’ll actually narrow that down.

3. Prep work item number 3 : Content Planner

And then the last item during that prep work, so this is all before we even start our project. You’ll also want to complete your content planner. This will be the most time consuming part of the whole project and process, but as I said before, it’s something that we have really put a lot of time and effort into making it as helpful as we can. We have a free access link to a copywriting course and there’s lots of prompts and you know, checklists and. Guides that guide you through every piece of content so you don’t have to think about everything you just have to go out and collect it, or you just have to take maybe like one, maybe two days to sit down and really focus on that copywriting and that grabbing of information.

Phase Two : Creative Direction

And then after that prep work is done, we are going to move into the creative direction portion. So one week prior to our project start, we will have our Creative Direction workshop and that is where we’re gonna iron out all the details and the entire vision for the project with a short timeframe like this Lion Sprint brand and website package is this step is crucial. It’s so crucial in making sure that we are on the same page, we have the same vision, we are having the same direction in where we’re going, hence creative direction, right? In order to keep our revisions minimal, as that’s the only time that we really have for this. So we really want to make sure that we’re nailing this creative direction workshop

Monday – Finalize & confirm our creative direction for project

Then the Monday of our project start date, that’s when we really will kick off our project. I’ll actually send you two different mood boards or creative direction presentations and you will choose or comment on the vision that really resonates with you and the creative direction that you want to move forward with for the project. So it’s really important that we get approval on the creative direction so that I know exactly which way to go in the brand in the day, and website in the day. Because if I’m not clear, and it’s not actually what you want, it’s gonna mess up the whole thing you’re gonna be subject to fees and additional revisions, and it’s gonna elongate the timeline, and it would just be a whole cluster Fuck. So the creative direction piece is very, very, very important  and that is how we’re going to start our project together

Phase Three : Brand Design In A Day

Tuesday – Designing a badass brand design

Tuesday brings us to our third phase, which is our brand design and a day. I’ll start designing my little hard out. Typically I’ll start at six or seven in the morning and then go until 4:00. PM After that core needed branding pieces like your logos, your colors and typography are established anything after that is free range. There will be a piece inside of the creative direction questionnaire that kind of allows you to prioritize the different things that you want me to focus on, on the design day. Then at the end, so at 4:00 PM you’ll have two hours to provide a feedback. So from four to six you’ll wanna provide two hours of feedback. So this means that you’ll want to look over the branding, and then you will have two hours to provide your feedback and then I’ll make any changes to that the next day.

Phase Four : Website In A Day

Wednesday – Prepping for a website and Finalizing your brand design

So now we are onto Wednesday, which is going to be the start of phase four and moving into the website and a day section. And this is the revision day for what we did on Tuesday, and then it’s also going to be the website prep and prime day. I am getting your website ready for an intense day of designing that’s gonna be coming on Thursday. I am exporting and uploading all of your brand assets. I am doing your site settings. I’m making sure that again, everything is looking great and ready for Thursday to design the website.

Thursday – Semi-custom website design in a day

So then Thursday comes around and that is our website in the day. Again, I will design my little heart out from about six or seven to 4:00 PM on Thursday, and then again, you’ll have two hours to provide feedback. So from four till six, you’ll comb through the entire website. And this will be just desktop version, not mobile version. Mobile version. I’m still working on, I’m still fine tuning all of those that won’t be ready quite yet, but, The mobile is gonna look very similar to the desktop, right? It’s just gonna be optimized. So really you’re gonna just comb through the desktop version and then we’re going to get approvals or changes on that.

Phase Five : Finalization & prepping for launch!

Friday – Getting ready to launch a beautiful new brand & website design!

And then we’re going to be moving in to the fifth and final phase, which is on Friday and that is our launch and prep phase. That’s gonna be our final adjustments, refinements from your feedback that you gave on Thursday, any fixes or testing, making sure that things are optimized. That’s when I’m really gonna make sure that the mobile is optimized and you’re feeling really good about your website and getting excited we also deliver launch graphics for you so that you can post it on social media. So I know that as wedding professionals, Fridays aren’t typically the best day to necessarily launch. So it is up to you if you want to launch on Friday or if you would rather launch the next Monday, but everything should be ready to go and ready to push by the end of the day.

On Friday. So I don’t want you to feel like, oh my gosh, we have to go, go live on Friday. It’s totally, you know, not a thing. It actually allows us to, you know, kind of mess with and make sure everything’s running super smoothly if we do launch on Monday. So don’t feel like I am forcing you to launch on Friday by any means, but by Friday we should be wrapping it all up, putting a pretty little bow on top and be good to go.

Final Thoughts & Things to consider

So the last thing I’m gonna touch on really quickly are just a few things that I want you to keep in mind if you are considering this service.

1. The prep work that’s needed to start the project

One, the amount of prep work that is needed. So allow yourself some time to collect these items of content. And this goes for any design project, any big project like this that you’re gonna have, you’re gonna wanna allow yourself some time to invest in the prep work time and the collection of testimonials or questions and images and the copywriting. All of these things at the end of the day do have to come from you. Copywriting can be outsourced if you are paying for that. It just comes at a higher price. But there is some degree of prep work that you’re going to need to have. And for this specific project, copywriting is a part of it. Collecting images, testimonials your portfolio images, et cetera. Right? So make sure that you. A lot for that time. You can totally get it done in as little as one day or half a day if you are really good at focusing on things because it is just five pages. So there’s not a shit ton of copy by any means, but You know, it definitely is something that you can focus on if you have a few hours to really like dial in. Or I also, on my copywriting resource, give you about a five day timeline as well. So if you book the project, 1 – 2 weeks in advance. It’s really helpful for you to get all of that done beforehand.

2. Don’t forget to schedule a brand photo session

Two, don’t forget to get yourself a brand session in before you actually start our project together, so book my project. Book it a few weeks out and then schedule a brand session if you haven’t already. So that you can have beautiful, amazing brand photos in your new website because that really is like the perfect addition to a beautiful website design that really makes it stand out is having those branded assets.

3. Flexibility & being accessible for feedback

The third thing is going to be being prepared for questions. So make sure that your schedule has some flexibility in it for that week that you. Schedule your brand website in a week service because it’s really important that we are able to communicate and specifically make sure that on Tuesday and Thursday of that week that you decide to do your sprint package, that from four to six you’re able to dedicate some time to provide quick feedback in that timeframe. And then beyond that, some flexibility between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM or 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM to respond to any questions or being able to communicate and get the job done right? Because I might have some questions that come up.

4. It’s important that you are a decision maker

And then the next thing is to understand that you’ve got to be a decision maker in order for this package to be a good fit for you. If you like to sit on things and contemplate things. Which there is a time and space for that. And I do have other packages that definitely cater to those ways of, you know, making decisions because you know, I can be that way too with certain things, and so don’t feel bad if you’re like, I do like to sit on things and contemplate things for a little while. I totally get it. But for this specific project, you’ve got to be able to make quick decisions.

5. Don’t wait to get on our books.

And then the last thing that I wanted to tell you to keep in mind when it comes to this is actually when to book. Don’t think that you need to wait until you’re ready in order to book it, right. If you know that a month, two months from now, even three months from now, you know that you want to go through this brand and website, design service and knock out your beautiful brand in just one week. Go ahead and book that ahead of time, because there’s actually many benefits to that. One you don’t have to stress about getting your prep work done in one week or one day, right? Because you have more time to work on those things. But then also on top of that, you also can start your payment plan and maybe even elongate that payment plan to where by the time that we’re finished with the project, you don’t even have to worry about paying anymore, or you can lower that monthly cost depending on, you know, when you get that booked. And you wanna make sure that you get on the books, because I can only take a certain amount of projects per month, per year, right? So, and don’t wait till the end of the year. Please, please, please. Because everybody wants a new brand website at the end of the year. So if you want it and you know you’re gonna want it, don’t wait any longer because people will book it out.

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