november 1 2021 post | 6 Reasons You Need A Custom Logo Design For Your Business | Lenya Creative

Have you ever been walking down the aisle at Target and threw yourself in reverse because of the way a product on the shelf jumped out at you? Well to keep it short, it was their branding; and more specifically their custom logo design. Today, we are going to focus on just one of the components of a badass brand. The Logo. Your logo is the very first thing someone sees when they are presented with your business. You are a badass business owner, and your logo should show that to your potential customers. It’s like going to meet your partner’s parents for the very first time. First impressions are everything and you want to be sure that you present yourself as the very best version of yourself so that they buy into you. Same thing with your potential customers. You want to show them with your best attributes and impressions so that they are automatically attracted to work with you, help you be recognized, and leave an impression for future growth.

Okay Rebel, but how? I have a simple logo I put together myself, when do I know if I need to invest in a custom logo? Let’s talk about 6 reasons on how a custom business logo can help your brand recognition, growth, what it can do for you and let you decide for yourself

Why You May Want A Custom Logo Design

1. Allows you to look more professional

Having a logo that is clean, looks professionally made, and looks like you put thought, time, and effort to will give your potential clients/customers as sense of comfort knowing that you value the way you present yourself, which in turn with help them see that you will put out nothing but the best for them as well. The level of professionalism will help you be taken seriously, be recommended to others, and in turn help the growth of your business or side hustle.

2. Stand Out In Your Industry

If you are using a templated logo from Canva, or copying some logo you saw from Pinterest (which you should never do cause that is plagiarizing), you are going to blend in with the other 200+ businesses that are also using that template and sometimes even the same colors!

3. Add Your Unique Personality

When you use a template for a logo design, they are built to be generic. Fit multiple people’s molds, but honey YOU ARE NOT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. Neither is your business. So neither should your logo. A custom logo will allow you to express your business’s unique personality through tasteful, strategic, and professional design. Most design softwares are limited to the personality & uniqueness you are able to add. That is why working with a professional allows for limitless personality and possibilities.

4. Reignite your Fire & Excitement

After receiving a custom designed logo from a professional they will show you all the different applications that you will be able to use your new logo. They will present you with some great ways to take your idea and bring it to life and you will get excited about your business all over again as if you were just starting your business or side hustle. Giving you the excitement to hustle hustle hustle!

5. Be Proud Of What You Do & The Ability To Share With Others

You look at your logo/branding ALL THE TIME as you work on your business. Whether you are putting together graphics to market, sending out email marketing, updating your website, walking into your office, packaging your items for delivery. You are constantly seeing your logo, as you should, but do you light up with excitement & joy when you see it? Or does it “just work” You should be proud to showcase your logo EVERYWHERE you show up, and you should be proud to share your business, what you create, and the work you put in to start it. A logo that makes it easy to showcase what you’re proud of.

6. Feel Confident To Start Charging Your Worth & Validating Your Abilities

When you have a brand that does the talking for you, you don’t have to convince people around you that what you do is valuable. Although we are not talking about branding in this blog, we are talking about a key component to a brand which is the logo. Having a logo that speaks for your brand will make you feel more confident looking at your business and knowing you have the ability and confidence to do this crazy thing of business.

What Now?

In conclusion, when you decide to invest in a professional and custom logo design, you are going to look more professional, stand out in your industry, add your own unique personality, get excited all over again, be proud to share what you do, and feel confident to start charging what you are worth. After working with a professional, you will walk away with the necessary tools to reach more people due to the points made above and in turn will bring in more customers/clients and ultimately money. Going into 2022 you deserve the confidence to make your side hustle grow. Investing in a professional designer could be your new year present to yourself. 

If you are ready to take that next step and get you a custom logo design that accurately showcases your business or side hustle for 2022, then I encourage you to checkout our End Of The Year Brand Blitz at Lenya Creative where we are running amazing Brand Design deals right now that can get you started on this new amazing journey.