5 Website Pages You Need For Your Business Or Side Hustle

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So you have started, are starting or are looking to start a new business or side hustle and every one is telling you you need a website. When you are just starting out, there are 5 website pages that you will need for your business or side hustle that we recommend. A solid, informational, and intriguing homepage to get people where you want them to go, an about page with personality so people can get to know you, a services/portfolio page to brag, and a contact page so you can start making some new connections and hopefully more money in your business! 

We understand that things are crazy at the beginning, budgets are tight, and things can feel overwhelming. That is why we wanted to guide you through some of the basic and fundamental things you can focus on to limit your overwhelm. We would always recommend working with a designer, and although at times that can be expensive we have some exciting information at the end of this blog that might pique your interest for an affordable but professional solution. So let’s dive into the 5 website pages you need.

The 5 Website Pages You Need For Your Business Or Side Hustle


Having a homepage that educates, interests, guides, and ultimately converts is so important. There are many things that go into a rock solid homepage for your small business but the main things are that you tell people who you are, what you do, who you work with or sell to, and how they can start working with you. Whether you sell your services, projects, or even sell physical products, having these essential aspects on your homepage will make for a great foundation to start off your business growth strong!


Names, people, personalities, and faces sell. That’s just the world we live in today. People buy based on who they follow on instagram, what people they look up to buy, and what their friends, family, and loved ones have to suggest. With an about page that showcases your personality, your heart, your passion, and your desire, you have more of an opportunity to build that trust with your potential client or customer and hopefully allow them to connect with you. Which will help encourage them to work with you!


A very important page for your website as a new business owner or side hustler has to be a services page. One of the things that a website can do that social media is not ideally built for is simply and strategically laying out all the things you can do for your clients/customers. A services page is meant to be a one stop shop for all things your business is capable of providing for others! On social media your client would have to search through all the posts, highlights, about pages, bios, ect to piece together what exactly you do, what you’re able to do, and what you sell all in one cohesive laid out format. Not all of us are puzzle lovers ☺️


Now social media can be a very good way of displaying portfolio pieces for you, but on your website you can take it one step further and display only your favorite portfolio pieces. You get to and should be very particular on the pieces you display in your portfolio. Think about your favorite shots, favorite projects, your ideal items that will get you more of your ideal clients! Another benefit to having a portfolio on your site is that you can display more information about each project, client, or product, and even display reviews. Much like scrounging the internet for what services/products you sell, your portfolio pieces can sometimes get lost in the crowd on social media, so having this page makes it easy on your clients to see exactly what you want them to!


Sure, it’s great that you’ve now informed your potential clients/customers, but now you need a way for them to get started. And easily. That is why the contact page is so important. You can not only direct your visitors to buy but also you can create a custom form that will allow you to collect some additional information and you are already one more step ahead in your process! Fast, efficient, and easy for visitors to take action!

But Websites Are So Scary…

I understand that you’re a new business. Starting on your business and looking professional doesn’t have to be scary. I understand that you don’t need some elaborate website to showcase your work. You can have a wonderful website that has the basic functions you need to start confidently selling yourself. Now you have the top 5 website pages you need for your business or side hustle that will not only look amazing, but also have purpose and help you establish yourself in your industry. A bomb homepage to introduce your brand and give guidance, an about page to build trust, a service page to tell the world what you do, a portfolio page that sells, and a contract page so they can actually get started. Sounds like you’ve now got your foundations.

No More Fear, We’ve Got The Solution For You!

So now you’re thinking “That’s great and all Rebel, but I am not a web developer and don’t have the time to learn it.” I also get that when you have contacted designers in the past, the pricing was overwhelming and seemed out of budget. Don’t fret my friend. I have just the thing for you! If you are reading this in the winter of 2020-2021 season you are in luck! I am running a very special deal called the Business Design Dash where I am providing logo and website services for small businesses and side hustlers just like you. For 4 months I am providing logos or websites in just 2 weeks for logos and 4 weeks for websites at a discounted rate!! Just use the form below and we will get in touch with you with more information including our rates!!

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